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Shipping to all country

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Have you tried Ekii yet?

Do not think twice, any time is perfect for you to enjoy a unique flavor. With Ekii you take care of yourself without sacrificing your cravings. Free yourself from the routine!

+ Includes vitamins and antioxidants that will make you glow
+ Without added sugars , enjoy without guilt
+ No artificial sweeteners
+ zero calories

Our Products

In each bottle of Ekii you will find the perfect combination of flavors with which you can enjoy a unique experience and live special moments that will make your days healthier.


From the best crops we select the fruits that provide us with the ideal pulp extracts to make the process with matcha green tea, thus creating a unique and healthy flavor, turning any moment of the day into a perfect one to enjoy. 

No artificial sweeteners, no added sugar and no calories that will allow you to enjoy a craving without worries.

What's happening

With Ekii there are endless possibilities to enjoy your favorite flavor at different times of the day. Explore our recipes and other details here. 


Frappe for the heat

For a sunny day what better than a preparation that refreshes you to enjoy good company.


palettes for everyone

This is a way to make a healthy ice cream with a flavor that you will surprise your guests with.


ekii night

The night is magical for a preparation at this time, experiment with Ekii for a cocktail that will change your nights in December.


Mint and lemon cocktail

This preparation is ideal to share with friends at the beginning of the holidays, easy but delicious at the same time, special to awaken the hidden sensations of the moment.


Mango and lemon cocktail

Delicious, is what we can say about this indescribable preparation, enjoy a unique flavor any time of the day and turn your moments with your friends or partner into something unforgettable.

Healthy life

The house cannot become a routine

The year begins and we see that for many the house is always the same, it is true that it has changed us


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