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Bubbly flavors that will fill your days with sensations.

Our Products

In each bottle of Ekii you will find the perfect combination of flavors with which you can enjoy a unique experience, live special moments that will turn your days into something healthier.

New Ekii Bubbles


This is not a normal soda, it is a bubbly drink with indescribable flavors that will take your emotions to the next level. Dare to try the new Ekii Bubbles with its three unique flavors and experience days full of creativity and magic that will make your your moments something unrepeatable.

+ No calories
+  Ideal for experimenting with cocktails
+  Perfect mixer to accompany your new ideas

What's happening

With Ekii there are endless possibilities to enjoy your favorite flavor at different times of the day. Explore our recipes and other details here. 


Frappe for the heat

For a sunny day, what better than a preparation that refreshes you to enjoy...

palettes for everyone

This is a way to make healthy ice cream with a flavor with...

ekii night

The night is magical for preparation at this time, experiment with Ekii from...

Mint and lemon cocktail

This preparation is ideal to share with friends at the beginning of the holiday, easy...

Mango and lemon cocktail

Delicious, is what we can say about this indescribable preparation, enjoy a flavor...
Healthy life

The house cannot become a routine

The year begins and we see that for many the house is always the same, it is...
Healthy life

Walking the best cardio that can exist

After the end of year holidays everyone worries about the kilos...

gelato mix

Prepare an ice cream with a unique and healthy flavor, Dazzle all your...
Healthy life

Cravings can be healthy.

There are more and more possibilities to eat what we like, without...
Healthy life

We all need a ritual to start the day.

We know that starting the day is not as easy as everyone thinks, activating the...

rosemary lemon cocktail

Warning: This drink is fascinating, dare to prepare a cocktail that will awaken all your...

pineapple grapefruit cocktail

Enjoying a preparation without liquor is also a fantasy that can be enjoyed...
Healthy life

Balanced lunch

Days for people are more complex than they seem, travel...


Have fun making a healthy preparation that serves to accompany any time of the day...

Watermelon sangria for the sun

An afternoon is better to enjoy with a different drink, decide for yourself and go out...

ekii mule

A mix of unique flavors, experience this delicious cocktail and enjoy the taste of...

Summer dove

Enjoy a unique afternoon drink with a different drink, decide for...
Healthy life

Yoga at home

Yoga in recent years has become a very desired discipline...

Watermelon margarita

Nothing better than sharing a margarita with friends, especially if it has a touch...

blueberry sangria

Summer in the Caribbean is full of sun and breeze, and there is no...

Macondo gin

We bring magical realism to our cocktails and we live it. This cocktail is...
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